Enterprise spirit: civilized observe discipline, self-improvement, pioneering, realistic, unity and progress.

Business philosophy: steady development, long-term pursuit.

Mission: always serve the public with high quality aluminum products.

Enterprise vision: to build a large international competitive aluminum profile enterprises (companies)。

Corporate cultural values: loyalty and diligence, striving for change.

Core corporate values: strive for change.

Quality concept: fujian aluminum as the basis, continuous innovation, quality first, sincere service.

South aluminum management policy: people-oriented, the pursuit of fujian aluminum quality, environmental harmony perfect。

Management policy: people-oriented, pursuing the quality of fujian aluminum, the environment harmony perfect.

Integrity proposition: abide by business ethics, integrity win - win。

Environmental philosophy: let green into the south aluminum。

Carry forward the spirit of "fujian aluminum", promote the "fujian aluminum" culture, and revitalize the fujian aluminum industry, which is the source of the enterprise's continuous development. Through management innovation, technological innovation and product innovation, the company is striving to improve its strength and product competitiveness. Regard quality as the life of the enterprise, strive to achieve and maintain the best quality of the national counterparts. By the high quality omni-directional service, satisfies the customer unceasing growth each kind of demand.

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